3CE Eunhye House Cushion

Pinky promise this is the last cushion I buy this year. At first I started looking through AliExpress to buy a mirror, but there was an amazing price for both products and my heart gave in to this cute, pink 3CE Eunhye House Cushion.

To begin with the aspect of originality when it comes to this site is a little overrated but that’s the deal. I’ve heard of 3CE before, but don’t have any idea if this is the real thing or not. And because I paid 10$ for these two products, they probably aren’t from the original brand. On the back label it says “Korea 3ceremony cosmetics group limited”. At least they try.

The shade I bought is 002 and luckily it matches my skin color well. Comparing to the other two cushions I own, the one from L’Oreal and the Dodo Cat one, this one has a more fluid substance. It came to my surprise when it suddenly stuck to the pad. The advantage of this is that you can finish applying it quicker and when it comes to cushions, I think they are keener to faster appliance. If you push it a little harder, it comes pouring at the margins, so it is really liquid. 

All good things have a darker side and this cushion’s is that the coverage is slightly below medium. While is freshens the whole perspective and color of the skin, it doesn’t cover up effectively any spot or imperfection. So it is better you use this when your skin is at your best and you’re seeking for a natural look. The need for re-appliance throughout the day will be noticeable. And as a reminder, you definitely need to use powder because it leaves your skin a little moist. In a good way, but for fixing it, powder should be helpful. 
The good thing is that it comes with a refill. 

When it comes to the package, it is obviously meant to be cute with all that pink. It’s made of hard plastic; the material reminded me of the Wonder Smooth Lipsticks from Miss Sporty. It gives me seconds thoughts to not be careful and drop it on the floor. The mirror is nice and the pad is similar to the one in the cushion with Dodo Cat. On one hand, it’s made of silicone sponge, on the other it’s soft and absorbs the substance well.

The big mirror I bought isn’t as big as I thought it would be. My first impression when I saw the photos displayed on the side was that the tail was a little longer, but in the end it’s perfect for my small hands and the squared, large mirror shows my big head perfectly.

- Cute package;
- Good price;
- Depends on how liquid you want your foundation to be, this one’s is pretty good;
- Whitens and gives a natural look.

- Doesn’t cover up the imperfections too well, so a concealer is a must have;
- Needs re-appliance as it easily dissipates in the universe.

Tell us what you think about this product or if you purchased anything similar from AliExpress.

Lots of kisses,

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