Sensual by Cien, hand balm

 To be honest, I wasn’t expecting Cien to release something so soon, but it was a nice surprise. The new release is called Sensual and its Asian spirit is meant to delight our senses. The hand balm I purchased is supposed to delight me and my hands with Japanese cherry blossom and almond oil.

First of all, when I saw the flagrance contained, it was a little strange because, let’s say it, we think of cherry blossom in spring, not in autumn. So that made me question if Cien made a mistake and released sooner than scheduled, their spring collection. What is done is done; all that we can do is review it.

Talking about the product itself, the perfume is really pleasant; the combination is good and persists on the hands a good period of time. I have used in the past another hand cream from Lidl, but it hadn’t a powerful smell like this one. They improved, I appreciate that.

The package is enjoyable, the pink and pearlescent cap reminds of the cherry blossom. The quantity it has is 70 ml. The price was also very acceptable. I have to confess that I used the almighty powerful source of information which is the internet to find out the difference between hand cream and hand balm. From what I could tell, the hand balms have as a base some kind of oil and are meant to hydrate the more damaged skin. From this point of view, Cien was thinking straight, we need more hydration in this season.

When it comes to the level of hydration provided, it was medium, in my opinion. Comparing to the other hand cream I had from them which had glycerin, in this case you have to use more substance and it doesn’t have the same result. However, what I like about it is that it makes a deeper hydration, not just on the surface. Autumn is the first contact we have with the cold weather and the skin is the first to suffer from it. With this hand balm, the skin is soft and is visible hydrated so putting a little extra product won’t be a problem as long as it does its job.

-    - Great smell, really great and persistent smell;
-    - Medium hydration, but my hands are suffering a bit now so it might be better in normal conditions;
-    - Sometimes Cien makes me wonder how their products can be so cheap.

-    - You might want something more related to autumn now as a flagrance;
-    - You have to use relatively a lot of product to fulfill its purpose.

Let us what you think about this product if you tried as well in the comments below.


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