Essence Glow to go Illuminating Setting Spray

The importance of setting spray doesn’t even have to be mentioned. It just exists. Essence came up with a marvelous idea. Besides solemnly protecting the make-up giving it a blurring effect, why not give your complexion a delicate glow effect? Essence Glow to go Illuminating setting spray does just that with the fine light reflecting particles.

First time I tried this setting spray was on a short trip I made with my friends. Thought is a good idea to use such a product so I won’t be concerned every minute about my make-up. The life advice I learnt after using this was to never use for the first time something you’re not used to and especially not on vacation. It’s better to stay safe during such occasions. Returning to my first experience with this setting spray, I have to say that more than anything, it caused laugher. After actively shacking it and I’m not sure I sprayed it from 30 cm away as advised, I put a good quantity on the face. The result? My face shined as it was made of diamonds and not in a good way.

All joking aside, the setting spray illuminates the skin and not in a natural way, but not in a bad way either. After applying it properly, I could tell it does a good job at holding the make-up together and even a better job at making your skin glow.

The thing I’m a little disappointed of is the sprayer because even though you shake it vigorously, it doesn’t give equal amount of product. So it’s possible you can get bigger spots of product on your skin. It’s not that big of a problem, I use a beauty sponge to even it on the skin.

The package is nice, a 50 ml recipient. Thought it is strong, the plastic from which is made seems pretty tough, but my bottle got a bump and I can’t fix it, not to mention I don’t even remember what caused it. The conclusion is that the substance does what it’s said, but the package is a little bit lacking.

-          Shines a lot;
-          Good maintenance of make-up.

-          It gives the entire face the glowing effect and that can’t always be a good thing unless you want to look like a shining star. The point is that it’s hard to apply it just on certain zones.
-          The sprayer could have done a better job.

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