Cien Liquid Concealer Perfect Finish

There are rare occasions when I use concealer because my glasses do a marvelous job in hiding the minor dark circles I own, but I recently changed glasses and wanted to make my eyes brighter. Lidl seemed to be thinking the same way because Cien made available at the store nearby this liquid concealer.

The one I used in the past was in a stick form, but why not try something new? There were two shades available: light and medium. The one I bought is medium and it matches my skin well. It does make the area under the eye a little brighter, maintaining in the same time a natural look.

The interesting thing about this liquid concealer is the sponge at the end, which reminded me of the cushion technology, particularly the Sephora lip cream. For me, it's easier to apply the product, but I have to admit it's not very exact. And to be honest, there isn't much difference between the sponges; they are degrading in the same way. 

The package is small, 8 ml of product, but it looks decent, it doesn't show that it was really cheap. The black, little package is elegant to some extent and very practical to bring it with you wherever you go. On the other hand, it would have been nicer if the product would have had a little more information about ingredients written on it. You won't have problems with closing the tube as the cap works well. The sponge provided is very useful because it helps you distribute evenly the product. 

The coverage is the same as my shade: medium. It doesn't cover everything and tends to fade away, so you have to reapply it like one more time during the day. But I think that if you use a good quantity and set it with powder, it should last you the whole day without problems. Another part I appreciate about it is that it doesn't become cakey. It treats that sensitive eye area gently and the skin doesn't have any damage from using it. If you apply it on daily basics, the tiny thing is consumed faster, but don't think that because it has liquid in its title, it is that aqueous. Maybe because of the fluidity, it may seem harder to use the sponge, but after a time, you'll get used to it.

- light coverage for a natural look;
- nice application method;
- cheap;

- if you have darker circles, the product isn't pigmented enough to provide full coverage.
Let us know if you liked this product or if you have a different opinion about it in comments below. 

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