Cien Eye Make-up Remover with Double Effect

That little bottle has been my curiosity's subject for a while so I thought I just have to gave in and buy it. The two substances look so pretty, they won my heart. After shaking it good, it turns into a cerulean, glittery substance that is just so nice to look at. But does it work?

The product is meant to remove waterproof mascara and it is suitable for all types of skin. The removing of waterproof mascara wasn't a problem for this product, I tried removing three mascaras I owned and it worked perfectly. I always had problems with removing mascara because there was almost every time a thin black line remaining under my eyes. That was annoying but with patience and the product I'm talking about today, you should be able to remove it perfectly. 

The product states it has double effect but I'm not really sure about what it does besides removing mascara because it simply does mention it. It just mentions that it has double effect. Which is obvious because when we see two substances in the same product, we usually think they both do different things while cooperating for the same goal; the well being of the skin. 

The thing that you will certainly find odd about this product and may freak you out when you start using it is the oil. In my opinion, products that contain oil are the best when it comes to removing make-up, but this product in particular seems to exaggerate a bit. It leaves the area surrounding your eyes very oily. 

The bottle has 100 ml and it's a good quantity, very appropriate to carry around. The best thing is that you can easily take it on the plane with you. Applying it is also simple, just use a cotton pad. However, there can always be residual substances left on your skin so cleansing is recommended. Especially with this very oily make-up remover. 

To be honest, there were times when my eyes hurt after using it, but there were other causes contributing, it wasn't just this product. I was often in a hurry and didn't use the right moves to properly remove mascara. Also, remember you should never be economical when it comes to using cotton pads, use as many as you want, having them clean counts more than saving a little money. The ones I'm using are also from Cien due to the great balance between price, quality and number of pads.

So if you have sensitive skin or dislike oily products, you should avoid this eye make-up remover, despite its awesome price. 

- removes effectively eye make-up and waterproof mascara;
- doesn't dry the skin.
- great price.

- the oil tends to spread all over the face, it just contains too much oil;
- you have to cleans it more due to the oil (you have to do it anyway but it's harder to remove oil from your face than other residues).

Let us know in the comment what your opinion about this product is and what products should we try next. Don't be shy.

Lots of love.

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