Avon Planet Spa Peel Off Face Mask with Black Caviar Extract

It's been a while since I used a face mask; shame on me because they could help your skin so much. The last one I used was also from Avon and the one I am going to talk about today is its sister. The first one I tried was more delicate and it wasn’t peel off. This one is the hot and wild sister, but the question is, is it better?
This mask has black caviar extract and it looks fancy too. The package has 75 ml of product and despite the fact that it says you should use a thin layer, it is not enough, a thin layer makes it harder to remove. Although I apply a nice, thicker layer, it does last for a good period of time. Personally, I believe the black and gold package is really pretty, it even has an elegant vibe.
You could apply it simply, with your fingers, but I like to use a face masks brush that I recently bought from AliExpress. Maybe one day I'll show it to you, it's very glittery. Speaking of glitter, the substance of the mask has a very shimmery and although it is transparent, a beige undertone. 
The thing I dislike about it is the strong, pungent smell. You should be very careful when you apply it so that your eyes and hair line are protected from the substance. Sometimes, when my eyes are tired, they even get a bit watery due to the stingy smell, but as it dries, that effect fades away.
After carefully spreading the mask on your face, leave it to dry for almost 20 minutes. Make sure your face is clean and dry before applying the mask. It is visible when it is ready to be removed and if it is completely dried, you can take it off easily. The peel off technology is fun to use. It is a challenge to remove it from one piece, but it's possible. If it is dry, you should not have any problem removing it. The recommendation is you use it once or twice a week.
The skin is soft after using the mask and the thing I appreciate about it, is that it doesn't dehydrate it greatly. It makes it smooth and cleans it well. Comparing the other one I had from the same brand, I can’t say which one is better because both work in their own ways. It’s just a matter of preference. I liked more this one because you can apply it and then move around the house as it dries and do other stuff. You won’t be able to move your face for those 20 minutes but consider it a rest for your facial muscles.
- it cleans your face and gives it a natural, glowy look;
- very good price;
- fun to use it.
- smells too powerful in the beginning.


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