Avon Care Facial Cleanser with Aloe and Cucumber

Finding an ideal cleanser can be difficult, but trying all sorts isn't impossible. Skin can get used to some products if you tend to use them for a long period of time and that is what happened to me with this product. My review is based on the information I gathered after I finished the entire bottle of Avon Care Facial Cleanser with Aloe and Cucumber. It wasn't until the last three or four washes that it didn't have the same powerful effect as it did in the beginning, so let's see how did it work from the first moment.

It has a common smell, don't recall exactly the product I had sensed it before, but it isn't bad nor good. The aloe and cucumber combination doesn't make me refreshed, but reminds me of the smell of medicines. The bottle contains 200 ml which is a very decent quantity for a cleanser. The substance has a white, pearly color and it depends on each of you how much is used. 

This cleanser is said to be dedicated to all skin types, but because I used it, I wouldn't recommend it to sensitive skin. There were times when I felt it very rough on my skin, especially irritating on the T zone. You may be deceived by the calming smell, but this cleanser can be more powerful than you think.

It is supposed to remove make-up, dirt and impurities and leave the skin moisturized and refreshed. There is a debate, however on how moisturized the skin become after using this product. Now, it depends on all the skin types, but for me, it didn't dry excessively my skin. The important thing to mark here is that even though it didn't make my skin dry, it didn't help with moisturizing my skin much. The degree of cleansing the skin was above medium, but it could have been better and I don't say that because I'm a perfection-seeker Virgo. 

Because there is plenty of product and because I used it without alternation with another product, sometimes even two times a day, my skin decided on her own that it has had enough. How do you tell your skin has reach a level of saturation with a product? There are minor signs, but if you know your skin, it would be very easy to tell. Firstly, the product does its job at removing impurities like in this case, but the skin feels tired and dull. Secondly, even if the product isn't bad, there is a tendency to use more of others to energize it a little. 

- cleans well;
- doesn't make your skin dry;
- accessible price.

- can be to harsh on some types of skins or skin zones.

Let us know if you liked this product or if you have a different opinion about it in comments below. 
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