Sephora lip balm

I was excited to write about this lip balm from Sephora especially because I bought it on sales, so I spent only 3 $ on it. 
But it is not only about the money. I was looking for a lip balm but one that also gives a little color. So when I tried the tester and saw that it has a bright pink color I decided I had to buy it. 
The packaging is so cool and elegant. It is all black and the cap has Sephora inscription. One negative aspect is that, now, after like 2 months , the writing has faded a little. 
It has a cute sticker on the cap, with pink lips on it and I think the name is Unique pink. Talking about that, the color is nice. It is a bright pink that looks really amazing and natural on the lips. 

* Later edit : I noticed that inside the stick it says 'Color adapt lip balm' - which is amazing - so it is highlighting your natural beautiful lip color. 

And as it is a balm, I can really say it hydrates my lips for an hour or two. Then, if you eat or drink , you have to apply it again, because it does not last longer. 
All in all, it is a nice lip balm, good to keep it in the bag, on the office desk and use it any time you feel like your lips needs a little care or simply you are not in a mood for a strong lipstick color or formula. 

-nice neutral color

-does not last long 
- it leaves marks on the mug (which really annoys me ). 

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