Nivea Caring Micellar Water

Meant for sensitive skin, the 3in1 cleanser for face and eyes contains dexpanthenol and grape seeds oil. After doing some research because I'm really not acquainted to such substances, I found out that dexpanthenol is a substance that is commonly used for treating baby skin and any skin irritation, as well as preventing the forming of dry skin. The grape seeds oil is also good for your skin because it has many vitamins and its said that it also has a better anti-aging effect than vitamin C. 

The three actions this product is supposed to do are cleansing, removing make-up, including eye make-up and keep your complexion hydrated. The bottle has 200 ml and you can apply it with a cotton diskette by massaging slowly your skin. I would have expected that the cap made it easier to get out the substance, but it wasn't like that, I accidentally squeezed it too much and lost a lot of product.  

Regarding the eye make-up removal, it's not like a product designed especially for that, but does a pretty decent job. You have to apply it carefully and it takes a while to remove the eye make-up. All this action could make your eyes feel uncomfortable. 

This product fulfills its other two purposes very well, the cleansing isn't very harsh, but it's still efficient and gladly, it doesn't leave your skin dry. Now, it depends on every type of skin, but in general, products that contain oil have a calming effect on the skin. Nivea in general has products that are very gentle towards the skin and this micellar water isn't an exception. 

It doesn't take long to use it and there is no recommended time of the day when you should specifically use it. So whenever you feel your skin too tired and you want to refresh it, you can use this micellar water. The package is a bit large to carry it all day with you and I really didn't use it more than two times a day so I can't name the consequences of over-usage. Some specialist say that is better to use it in the morning to get rid of all natural oils accumulated over night, some say that it can be used in the evening and only for make-up removal. I tried both ways and it works so there isn't an exact recipe to the application. 

- cleanses your skin beautifully;
- doesn't irritate your skin;
- easy to purchase.

- it's takes a while to remove mascara effectively.


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