L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion

YouTubers have a great impact on the domains they are working at and nowadays you can find lots of people doing make-up tutorials and reviews. One of the YouTubers I follow did many reviews for cushions. Firstly, shout-out to Edward Avila who made me fall helplessly in love with cushions. Emoji 
Following him for some time, I got extremely curious and wanted to purchase a cushion very bad. Looking for them online, I was stupefied of how expensive they are, the majority had to be imported so the fees were kind of expensive. A lot of time passed and I still didn't have one. But hold your horses everyone, L'Oreal came and saved me with the Nude Magic Cushion. 

Now, because it is my first cushion I may be a little subjective, but my Virgo eye still makes me see all the flaws. Not that they are many, to be honest. Let's start with the package. Personally I like the pink little box, but for more mature females, it may seem a little too girly. A disadvantage is that every fingertip is visible on the cap and I had to be extra careful not to scratch it. The pad is also nice and smooth, but I would have preferred that it had the brand name written on the small pink ribbon. Another thing that is questionable about this product it's the way of opening it. It doesn't make an easy click, you have to stuck your nail there to open it and it can be bothering sometimes. The mirror inside the cap is big and surprisingly you can see in it very well. 

Let's talk about the formula, for my shame I forgot the shade's name and despite the fact that I literally spend 10 minutes looking at the package, I still don't know what shade it is. Anyway, I was lucky because the shade is very appropriate to my natural color. The process of using it is simple: you have to press the applicator onto the sponge and then gently tap it onto your face. It doesn't have a powerful smell, but it will give your skin a decent coverage (not fully). The thing that I like the most is that it gives a natural glow to the skin. 
Usually I would reapply it during the day and to make sure it holds on, you can set it with some transparent powder. The product tends to last you a good while despite the fact that it doesn't come with a refill. You could probably replace the product under the sponge if it ends, but I really hope L'Oreal will release a new one and this product doesn't remain a temporary trend. 
- easy to use, easy to carry it around;
- contains foundation and a mirror so it occupies little space in your bag;
- natural look and beautiful glow;
- doesn't make your skin feel heavy.

- buy it or forget about it, the cushions are rare Pokemons here;
- the pad is not low quality, but it could be better.


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