Giordani Gold - Eye brow gel

I use to paint my eyebrows like once a month with brown eyebrow painting, but after two weeks it usually fades so I have to somehow maintain my eyebrows full and colored until my next visit to the salon. 
One on my all time favorite eye brow gel is this one from Girodani Gold by Oriflame. My color is 02- Brown, and it comes in one more shade, lighter I think. This is like my four or sixth bottle, so you can say how much I love it. 
I has a light consistency, but quite pigmented. It really covers the fade areas, put together those piece of hair that want to go dancing, and shapes my lines really nicely. What I like most about this gel - comparing it with other that I have tried - is that it does not look false or too tick, it does not makes my hair brow look wet. 
The brush is not too big, but not small- I like it, but I have recently got another eye brow gel from another brand and the brush is really small and I feel like I can do my job much better with it. So yes, they could do it little smaller. 
 -good price (like 5 dolars);
-very tinted but so, natural.
- the brush is quite big for the eye brows and sometimes you can get out of the bottle more product that you would want. 


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