Cien Lip Butter

When I saw the new collection at Lidl I knew I had to refrain myself from buying new stuff because I still have a couple of products at home that I want to write a review for, but who can stand the curiosity? Not me, for sure. Not when those lip butter thing look so nice.
The package is nice, indeed, but my problem was that I began using it and carrying it around and the name completely erased from it. I had to do some research and find out how is called exactly: 11 Just nude. The picture below shows other interesting shades.

The formula is basically the same old one. They had lip butter sticks like this in the past and I have tried those as well. They are buttery and don't dry the lips too much, but the speed they are fading out is insane. You have to reapply it too many times, it becomes tiring.
The colors in the new collection seemed very trendy with all kind of nudes. The one I bought looked cute at first sight, but it really doesn't suites me and it even looks a bit different from the package. It's unfortunate you can't test them first, but we have to remember this isn't a cosmetic shop. You'll have to risk with this one. 
All in all, I was a bit disappointed of the package and the product lacks in many ways. Its smell is not something you want to necessarily return to, but the past lip butter I had from them didn't have any scent, so that means they are trying. The colors from what I saw are suppose to be upgraded to the latest trends, but still maintain a natural look. They are pretty to look at, but as I mentioned, it depends on luck. The product doesn't last long, but we shouldn't expect that, the product doesn't mention it's transfer proof. The creamy formula is very easy to apply and leaves a nice, moisture sensation on the lips. I figure it out since the shade is too bright for me, I could use it with another lipstick from Cien to create a gradient look. It works better like that, even if it doesn't make it last longer.

- makes your lips feel moisturized;

- the writing on the package fades away by just touching it;
- the product doesn't remain on the lips too long, needs reapplying often.

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