Cien Eyeshadow Pencil

Let me start the next article with a question: do you believe in eyeshadow pencils? At first I was a bit reserved of the product and even though they have been on the market for a while, I was still reluctant. But why ignore its use, after all, it can be easily carried around. My doubt was the quality and after I tried Cien's eyeshadow pencils I had a split opinion.

Firstly, I bought them on impulse; again, Lidl never stops the temptation. The shades I purchased are: number 11 Paradise Island and number 12 Summer Breeze. For the low price they had, it was totally worth it. 

The reason I have such a conflicted opinion is that they are so different. The shade number 11 Paradise Island is of an earthy, brown color. I tried using it as a thin line instead of eyeliner and regardless the fact that it looked amazing, it fades fast so it wasn't of any use. So the other way of using it was by blending it with a brush. It doesn't last too long, but it's better than nothing. And then again, how much do we expect beauty products, especially make-up to last? The fantastic thing about the shade we were speaking is it's really adequate for brown eyes like mine. 

The other shade was the opposite of the first one. While the first had a simple dark brown color, number 12 Summer Breeze shines with its light, beige color with a shimmery vibe. Between the two shades, this one is my favorite. Sparkle all the way. And it even last longer, maybe because the glitter particles infiltrate in the skin and it takes longer for them to disappear. It can be used on the waterline, or in the middle of the eyelid, but remember to blend well. Both products are really creamy and easy to blend. Another thing I appreciated about it is that it doesn't gather up and look nasty. I've used them for a while and it seems that they could last you for a while.

The shades don't particularly remind of summer, Cien could have launched them all year around, but they are pleasant to use and look at. In the end, the conflicted opinion was triggered by the difference in the shade, not the quality. It was their choice and despite the difference, they are enjoyable, each of them. 

- Easy to apply, to carry around;
- Gorgeous price;
- Nice colors.

- They don't last long.


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