Advance Techniques Styling Protect

The heat protection spray I purchased from Avon is meant from protecting hair from styling damage. It is meant for smooth and healthy hair which got me a little bit frustrated. How can you protect your hair if it already has damage? Personally I don't use the flat iron that often, but there are cases when I dry it with the hairdryer and to prevent any damage produced by the heat, I bought this Avon Advance Technique product.

You can use it by spraying it 15-20 cm from damp hair and make sure to distribute it evenly. Afterwards you can style it normally. There can be cases when the plump clogs, but you can fix that with just rinsing it under warm water. You should also be careful about not spraying and get product in your eyes because it can be very uncomfortable. 
The thing that is pleasurable about it is the smell. It is powerful and even though it dissipates rapidly, there will remain a thin scent in your hair. 

The circumstances when I used it were often after I washed my hair. A little confused at the beginning whatever I should use my spraying hair conditioner, before or after, I decided to use it after I applied the conditioner. You can't see a rapid effect and as I mentioned above, if your hair is a little damaged in the first place, there will be changes too small to see from the first uses. When I tried before using the flat iron, I had another confusion. It does leave your hair wet so you have to wait a little bit for it to dry. I wouldn't recommend using the flat iron on a wet hair.

Truth to be heard, hairdryers and flat irons are damaging your hair no matter what product are you using, so don't believe any product that promises you a blink of the eye repairing. Instead of it, try using those machines that cause so much harm to our hair less. And especially in the summer when the sun is roasting us and especially if you go to the seaside, the salty water is your hair's enemy. This product in particularly, could have done a better job, but I'm not sure that maybe if I had used more than a bottle, it would have done a better job. Other than heat protection and a beautiful smell, it doesn't do any other thing.

- acceptable price;
- nice smell.

- too little effect.


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