Sephora Wonderful Cushion Matte Lip Cream

We should always see the bright side of things. For example, yesterday, when I couldn't catch my bus, I went on a short trip to Sephora. And my day became lighter indeed as I found this matte lip cream. The first thing that attracted me about it was because it said Wonderful Cushion and as you'll see why I developed the obsession with cushions in one of my next articles. 

The shade I purchased is 05 Wonderful Red. There were other shades available, more pinkish, wasn't even sure about the shade I bought, I thought it was too dark at the beginnings and in the summer I don't want to look like a vampire. All worries were shattered when I tested it. It's a lovely, bright but also deep red. 

Now let me talk a little about the cushion technology, because even if it appears a regular lipstick, it is not. It has a cushion at the orifice which is supposed to make the application easily and better. It has a round, soft, cream-colored cushion which is very comfortable to use. I wanted to test it so fast that I didn't take the picture before squeezing it. And here comes the bad part; the squeezing. At first I thought I didn't know how to use it right because it was extremely hard to get the cushion tinted and I had to be careful as I didn't want to damage it. After a little effort and a reminder to tone my arms, I could enjoy this matte lip cream.

Despite the fact that it is a lip cream, it lasts a good amount of time and appears to be very natural on the lips. The second I began using it, I had a thought, it is very useful to create gradient lips with this tool. I tried it and it works beautifully because even if it's moist and feels nice to the lips, it's still pigmented and gives a nice color. I can say this only for the shade I tested, the other ones I saw seemed a little to neon for me. I really don't know why this product isn't more popular. 
The package is really cute, you can see through the drawn lips the color of the product. It has 9 ml and is very thin and elegant. The thing I find adorable about is that I can put it on its cap and it sits just well on my office. 

- beautiful color, last long;
- doesn't make your lips dry;
- nice appearence of the product.

- it can be very hard to use it, as you have to be careful when you squeeze it; too much product can escape;
- personally I would have preferred it more if it had some kind of scent.


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