Sephora - daily makeup brush cleaner

My foundation collection has grown considerably lately because I feel I have not yet found my go to one. And with the purchase of the foundation, a lot of brushes and sponges have been added to my collection for applying it. And here's my big problem, how do I clean them up?

In the past I used a shampoo or cleansing gel, but I felt like I want something more professional. So one day I went to Sephora and one of the consultants helped me find what I was looking for.

She told me they usually use Protex soap to clean the brushes. But before each application they also use the product I want to tell you about. It's called: Daily make-up brush cleaner.

How to use it? Before each use, sprinkle two drops of spray and lightly squeeze it with a paper towel. The Sephora girl persuaded me to buy it, and here it is, I almost used three quarters of the container.

It comes in a bottle with pump, 60ml. You can read the ingredients and how to use it on the packaging.

It has no perfume, it's easy to use and I can say it does its job. But be aware that brushes should still be washed at least once every two weeks (if used daily). Practically, the spray lengthens the duration of use between washes, plus it is also antibacterial.

- Easy to use and very useful;
- No perfume, do not wet the brush

- It's kind of pricy for the amount it comes to
- If the brush is cracked with a very hard-wearing foundation, you need to pump several times, so the product do its job.

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