Miss Sporty Wonder Smooth Lipstick

Walking in the shop to buy something, I get out with three to five products than I originally intended. This happened to you too at least once; it’s not a reason to be ashamed, especially when one of the things I bought are these cute and girly lipsticks. Miss Sporty has always provided this kind of look, that make you feel like a teenager girl all over again. But is the quality upgraded or a past issue as well?

The shades I bought are 600 Coral Power (the first one on my hand) and 102 Super Rose. The package is really sweet and girly, but the caps are from a fragile plastic. It gives you a feeling of concern because I’m sure that if you drop one by mistake it could break.  I’ve had in the past products from this brand and especially with lip-glosses and lipsticks; the inscription on it tends to fade away which doesn’t give an aesthetic vibe at all.  Make-up is for making faces beautiful, but the product should also be a pleasure to the eye. The smell is very appealing, some combination of fruits with a bit of caramel which give a vibe of playfulness.

The formula is creamy and hydrates your lips beautifully. However, I don’t recommend putting many layers because it will gather up on your inner part of your lips. And the thing that urges you put much product is the fact that the lipsticks are not very pigmented. The 600 Coral Power shade is a bit more visible on the lips and has a nice, fit for summer color. The 102 Super Rose shade, on the other hand reminded me about the Etude House lip tint, PK006 Jewel Red. It has the same shimmery look with a little pink undertone. It could be used better to top coat another shade, one more powerful. Or you can use it as it is for a more natural look.

They don’t last for a long time, but the coral lipstick stood on my arm little longer than the other one. And maybe because of the creamy formula, but you feel as if it’s going to disappear any moment now. With all the hysteria now with the matte lipsticks, even the ones with bold colors, compared with that, those seem made for little girls who don’t want their make-up to be seen too much. Make-up should not draw attention to itself, but to the parts it’s emphasizing. Considering that, these lipsticks aren’t that bad. They take care of the lips and give a natural and joyful look.

Both of them have a shimmer in them and while for with the Super Rose shade it works almost perfectly, I feel that the Coral Power shade could have managed better without it. It is a beautiful color, but the glow is a little too much for me.

-          Creamy, easy to apply formula;
-          Smells very nice;
-          The package looks playful and girly.

-          They don’t last long;
-          Can gather up on the lips if they’re applied too much;
-          The shimmery vibe can be seen as old-fashioned by some.


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