Miss Sporty Precious Shine 3D lip gloss

Summer came inevitably and I thought I should buy something shiny. Always wanted to try some orange shades for my lips and now it seemed to have been the perfect occasion. Found at a local store Miss Sporty Precious Shine 3D lip gloss, 310 Gorgeous Mandarin and it made me curious to find out what is so gorgeous about it.
The package is nice, but I have the impression that is one of those bottles which you keep in your purse a long time and the writing on them disappears and it ends up looking ugly. Time will tell with this one.

The smell is really nice, something sweet, a combination of fruits and Oreo biscuits. The applicator is okay and it has a lot of things to do. After a few applications I thought I should read the instructions for it. Reminded me of that fruit juices when you have to shake it prior to tasting it or you’re not going to get the full flavor. The color was moving and it was like a game between the applicator and the color. Basically they were playing curling on my lips. Eventually I succeeded in blending it well and stepped out to see the results.

It looks very natural on the lips, not as Mandarin orange as I thought it would be, but it really shines. Your lips will stand out. A few moments at least. I took a sip of my coffee and marked the mug very well. It doesn’t have a lasting effect, it colors the lips nicely, but after a while you end up with nothing on them. It doesn’t dry the lips, though, a slight layer remains on them.

It’s a good acquisition if you have time to apply it over and over again. The price isn’t high, but you have to questions if it’s worth the time you’re going to spend applying it. It is not totally dislikeable, it gives you a cheerful, cherry blossom like aura.

-          Has a really nice smell;
-          It doesn’t dry your lips;
-          Looks natural and youthful.

-          The color pigment goes away easily;
-          You have to apply it often.

Until next time, blend well.


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