Essence Eye Glitter Primer

Have to admit I bought this due to impulsive shopping; my mum said she'll treat me with anything I want from the Essence stand and my eyes fell upon the Essence glitter primer. This cute little thing deceived me, but it was my excitement's fault. My first thought was that it is glittery and will add shimmer to my eye shadow. This is the impression the title gave because I did not read the back of the package at all. Later at home I discovered that it is an eye primer suitable for putting glitter, not enhancing the eye shadow. With a little disappointment, because the level of my glitter make-up is low, I decided to still give it a try. Not to be misunderstood, I do use glitter, but not as dense as we can see in all the make-up tutorials out there, as I prefer something more subtle. 

Basically, I wanted to see if it works well with an ordinary eye shadow. And to be more dramatic, there was a relatively minor test involved. I applied simple eye shadow, but I used this eye primer on one eyelid while on the other I did not use anything. Hours passed and ladies and gentlemen, it actually worked. 

No matter how good and expensive your products are, make-up can not last an entire day. It is not the product's fault, neither your face fault, it is just human nature. Our face secrets substances, reacts to the environment we are in, it does not stay still, so, normally, our make-up will not stay put as well.

The only thing we can do, as I realized from this little experiment is that we can empower make-up with primers. The make-up lasts longer and it prevents the skin from getting oily. However, I watched some interviews with specialists saying that the use of primers and products alike, prevent skin from breathing and are not recommended to be used daily. My advice is to use all things moderately, but do not be afraid to test new things. Only with trying we can see what products fit us better.

This product particularly, dries fast and it very comfortable to applied it. Just apply a small amount on a brush if you want to be elegant or simply with your fingers, it gets absorbed as fast as it dries. The product is colorless so I guess it can be used for any type of skin. It can also be used for different parts of the body, but I have the impression it won't keep together big pieces of glitter, or pieces used for the fairy-like make-up, but more of the delicate glitter.

The package is really nice and cute, the tube is easy to use, it gives the right amount of product when it's squeezed. It has a adequate quantity, 10 ml, which should last you a while. 

- it easy to apply it;
- it's really smooth and the transparency is suitable for all types of skin;
- it holds your eye shadow or moderate glitter in place a right amount of time.

- it is not that right for heavier glitter.


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