Essence Cover Stick

Bought the Essence Cover Stick on impulse, but I really wanted to try something like this. Curious about how much power to cover the skin's problems such a product has, I decided to try it on.

The package is simple, nothing too extraordinary, a 6 g stick which is suppose to "conceal skin imperfections with a fine mat finish". Because of its utility, it can be carried in your bag easily. However, I don't recommend caring him too long everywhere because mine has already cracked a bit at the edges. From that we can easily deduct it is made of some kind of cheap plastic. Another incident that happened with this product is when I pulled it out of my purse and all the product was stuck in the superior part, it somehow moved places. With a little struggle I managed to put it back in place and push it a bit to stay put. Now don't go imagining I crush my purse on every wall I see, the product is simply lacking in resistance. Guess it doesn't stand heat that much, even though it wasn't exposed directly to sunlight and until now summer has been gentle.

The product itself is very cheap, but from my experience so far with Essence, not all cheap products are bad. The shade I purchased is 03 Matt Honey. The texture is really nice and it can be smoothed fast. Personally, I apply it by tapping gently with my fingers. The initial impression was that I got the right shade, but the shock came when I started to blend it and it had a white shade. So it's rather preferable you put it on the direct area with problems, not expand it.

For me it covers just fine with or without skin preparation like moisturizing or pre-applied foundation. It lasts a decent amount of time, but reapplication is recommended. All in all, the whole cover stick can last you a few months because it has plenty of product.
Didn't use it for the area under my eyes, just for different spots. It can also be used for pimples but you should apply powder on top to settle it regarding the zone you are using it. It's creamy formula goes well with oily types of skin. Do not apply too much product because after a while it gathers up and it's visually unpleasant. The shade variation is limited, even in the store there were like three shades available. 

- it's super cheap;
- creamy formula, easy to use;
- the coverage percent is pretty decent.

- the package;
- it isn't suitable for dry skin.


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  1. oh my God. Thank you for the recommendations, this product changed my life. Want more!


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