Cien Waterproof Mascara Push Up!

For someone who has been wearing glasses her entire life, mascara is problematic. There were years when I simply didn't wear it or I would put like two applications that can't be even considered a full layer. My former mascaras were bought from Chinese stores and lasted me a year one. In other words, I was a disaster. But the enlightenment came from a mascara I bought at one of those stores which was pretty good. In that moment I realized that maybe not all mascaras are unsatisfactory and some could actually work.

In fact that mascara was actually pretty good, it made my eyelashes very long. But, you see, even at a what seems to be a simple product like mascara, there is more about it. And having long eyelashes isn't always good. You may not think that too, but for me is a burden because they will stain the glass of my eyeglasses. Having thin lines on my glasses not only prevented me from seeing perfectly, but also reminded of that movies with convicts and gratings.

The product I bought from Lidl is Cien's Waterproof Mascara Push Up! with the only shade available: black. From what I have seen in the store over a long period of time, it doesn't seem there is another shade available at all. The blue container with the pink logo makes it look very adequate for summer even if it is not only on the summer limited edition. It has 10 ml of product and a fluid formula which will last you a while, depending on how much often you use it.

It writes on the product that it is waterproof, but after some time a thin, black layer settles on the lower lash that clearly doesn't belong there. It's a shame because the rest of the product last very well after you wait a little bit for it to dry. 

Another thing that drawn me back from this product is the lashes’ lengthen. It does makes you feel like you have more lashes, but it doesn't really create the illusion that they are longer. Maybe this happens because of the short to medium bristles. They do make your lashes beautifully black though.

Do you ever put two layers of mascara or even thought about how much do you use it? Well, with this product you should not because if you apply it too much, layer after layer, your eyelashes will like spider’s feet. I don’t want to be mean, but it is a very fragile line between having a serious layer of mascara for an impressive look and making your eyes look grotesque.  

The great thing is that the product can be easily removed with simple eye cleanser. 


- makes your lashes thick;

- decent resistance throughout the day;

- very good price.


- does not make your lashes look longer;

- it slightly transfers on the area around the lower lashes.


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