Cien Tropical Summer Exfoliating Shower Scrub

It gives a negative feeling to start with the disadvantage, but the major flaw of the products I am going to talk next is that they are summer limited edition. Guess the saying is true, good thing don’t last long. Looking for some shower scrubs, I stumbled upon these and I can easily say destiny was in a good mood.

There three types of the Cien Exfoliating Shower Scrub and I bought two of them: the Fresh Watermelon and the Pineapple Paradise. The other one that I saw available was the Tangerine Splash. The first I bought was the one with watermelons scent and it was as it says on the package: ‘’ it will make you want more’’. Always thought that when they write on the products that they will fill you with cheerfulness it is all a lie, but this product proved me wrong. So the next day I rushed to the store and bought the pineapple scented one.

These scrubs give you an unforeseen possibility. Have you ever in your life wanted to be a fruit? Cause these products makes you feel like you could. Do you want to be a watermelon or a pineapple or a tangerine? No problem. That’s how scented they are. At first I was a bit reluctant because of an accident I had with one of Cien’s shower gel with yellow watermelon scent that made my skin itchy. Thankfully it was a single incident, my mother even bought the same type of shower gel again and nothing happened after using it.

The formula is also colored, red or yellow, depends on the one you bought. It contains little particles to help with the process of scrubbing. The tubes are containing 400 ml of product and the package remembers me of the hair conditioner Cien has, it is kind of the same tube, just different coloring.  It made me remember because of one aspect, when you squish it too much, it leaves the tube looking deformed.

The level of scrubbing is medium to high but the great aspect is that it doesn’t make your skin too dry. After applying it also gives a nice amount of foam as the particles are dissolving. You just have to rinse thoroughly and you’re done. The smell even lingers on your skin for a while. Despite how great these products are, I wouldn’t use it on daily basics because they could make your skin dry.

-          Have a very strong, fruity smell;
-          Scrub well and the foam helps cleaning as well.

-          They are only summer limited edition;
-          Over usage can make your skin dry.


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