Cien Rouge Powder

Got really excited when I saw in the magazine that there is a new product from Cien so I rapidly went and got it. I've been really excited lately about powders and foundation and because my experience with products from Cien was relatively good so far, I wanted to see what they came up with.

There were actually two new things, this rouge powder and a bronzer powder. Decided to get this one at a nice price, although all Cien products have a good price. We shall see if the quality is worth it and bring justice to the world, haha.

So, the shade I bought is 01 Apricot because it was the lightest I found left. Guess there were more Cien enthusiasts than I had expected. It turns out that the shade is a little too dark for me as I first tried it. The miracle of blending made it not look that bad.

The package is simple and very suitable for summer. Personally, I am very fond of products that come in little packages and have a cute appearance. Some other products from Cien look more luxurious, I guess, but this is supposed to be adequate for the summer. There are 4,9 g of product and due to the quantity of it, you can easily carry it in your bag. 

The thing with Cien's products is that they are like those rare flowers that bloom only once in several years; you got to buy them when you see them. The next day they not only might not be there, but who knows when they'll bring another products or if they bring other products at all. From what I was able to see, this powder is a summer limited edition. 

The product is odorless and has a nice texture for a powder. The problem is it may have been a little too subtle for me. Despite the fact that it seemed too dark at the beginning, it fades away. It fades away so much to the extent you don't see anything, any result. The only mark left is some tiny glitter. The product does contain some glitter in it, you can easily see it through the transparent package. My thought is that they didn't make it full mat because they wanted to add some summer fun in it, to integrate in it a little highlighter. It was a good strategy, because in the summer make-up should be more natural and fun. 

- it is cheap;
- easy to apply;
- has a nice, subtle highlighter vibe.

- it doesn't last long;
- doesn't have enough power to hold on the foundation.


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