Cien Nature 3in1 Cleansing Foam

Taking care of ones face and keeping it clean and hydrated is the first step to a beautiful ad healthy skin. With that in mind, I purchased the Cien Nature 3in1 Cleansing Foam with lemon and lemon balm. The three actions that are declared to be in this product is gently cleansing, removal of the make-up and soothing and revitalizing.

It says the product is meant for daily usage and is dedicated for normal and combination skin. The tube contains 150 ml of product and it lasts a good while. The appliance is easy: you have to give a nice shake and then apply the foam on your already wet face. No matter if you want to use it in the mornings or evenings as it written in the recommendations, or whenever you want, you have to be careful and apply the product through circular movements so it is absorbed efficiently. Then all you have to do is rinse with warm water.

Personally, it was a nice experience, the smell helped as well as it gave a very refreshing vibe. It is not powerful enough to remove mascara, but it does clean your face nicely. It does not, however, make your face really dry and that is important, especially with a product that you can use this often.

The package has a really interesting information written on it. Is says that is a natural certificated product and does not contain many harmful substances. The most interesting fact for me was that at first it said that it doesn’t contain perfume. The thing that attracted me at the beginnings was the smell in particular. To know that it came from natural substances made using this cleansing foam a more pleasurable experience.

This cleansing foam is very useful to a fast cleaning of the face as it removes the impurities and sebum excess. Maybe because of this foam technology, but it felt that you can clean and refresh your face pretty easily and most important fast. And the fact that it can be used often made it my favorite cleansing product for a while.

-          Smells very nice;
-          Is cheap ( as most of Cien products are, but remember cheap isn’t always bad);
-          Cleans fast.

-          Doesn’t give you a profound cleaning;
-          If it’s used more than twice a day (or as it is recommended, it depends on your skin) it does make your face dry. 

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