Bourjois - 123PERFECT - CC Cream

Summer is here and with it, sun came with a strong force and a big heat wave. So for those who do not have a perfect skin and have to cover the little imperfections, the foundation is not a great solution on this weather. It is too heavy for the skin, clogs your pores and makes your skin look and feel greasy.
SO, we have to find another good alternative. If you read on magazines or websites you will see that make up artists recommend and BB or a CC Cream. I will not enter the details to see the difference between the two, but, I will speak today about my favorite CC Cream ever.
I found it at DM, which recently brought Bourjois make up products. Which is awesome, because I love them.
It's not a very low cost product, but girl, the product is amazing. You know that CC Cream comes from Color Correction Cream. So if you face discoloration or depigmentation, this product is perfect for you. On the package it says that it contains 3 pigments: Apricot - which is anti-fatigue, Green - which is Anti-redness (oh, yeas!) and White - which is anti-dark spots. The cream has a luminous complexion formula and it smooths the skin. And I can really agree with this. Also, it hydrates the skin 24 hr and has SPF 15, which is awesome.
I am using the color 32 - Light Beije, which is my go to color. I think the product comes into 5 or 6 colors and you can test them in the store. I personally tried many ways of applying. I used a wet beauty blender, which is cool, because it leaves your skin so smooth and puts the product in the skin evenly. I also tried with a brush, but I feel like it's too much for a CC Cream. Then, most of the time, I use my fingers, and it works great.
I feel my skin so healthy and hydrated all day. Sometimes, when it's very hot outside, I use a powder on my T zone. Also, I apply some highlighter and it stays in place from morning to evening when I get home and take my make up. Speaking about it, it's really easy to take it off- you can use your normal makeup remover gel, an oil or a micelar water.
I can only say that this product is perfect for your skin, especially on summer, and a light version of the foundation that covers your imperfections and evens your skin color.

-Gives the skin a natural look
-is light but corrects the skin color
-has SPF 15 which is needed, especially now, on summer

-liitle pricy for the quantity (30ml)
- it does not have a high coverage (as a foundation)
- its not good for oily skin (as its quite liquid )
-It comes in a tube, not in a box, and surprisingly for me, I can not see the ingredients anywhere.


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