Avon planet spa, Oriental Radiance with white tea face mask

Avon planet spa had some interesting things released. Bought two of them and the first I am going to talk about is the Oriental Radiance with white tea. It is supposed to be an invigorating face polisher, an exfoliation mask.

Its texture is a bit dense, but it is supposed to be applied on a wet face which makes it easier to apply. The substance is smooth, but you can really feel the hard parts which help the exfoliation. Those parts you have to massage after a while because unlike the substance, they do not disappear and are a bit large, so if you end up looking in the mirror and seeing big, white spots on your face, do not worry, just give it some time. The substance has a white color that slowly fades as I said. The smell is an important advantage of this mask, as it gives an aroma therapy vibe.

The package is a 75ml one and according to the instructions, for a normal face you have to use this three times a week, or once a week if you have a sensitive face. I think it is the right amount because you can try the whole set and cannot get bored that easily.

One thing that confused me after trying it is that when I looked on the package to see how long do I have to stay with it on face, it said to wait until it is dry. The problem is, that unlike the peeling sister mask I tried from them, this one does not dry in the typical way.  It is moist even after the classical 15 minutes.

However, another great advantage of this mask is that you can easily remove it. Only washing it with water and because of the formula you save enormous amount of time during removing. The skin is smooth and nice after using it and the thing I appreciate the most is that it does not leave your skin dry.

There are other face masks that leave the skin so dry after using it, that you have to apply a moisturizer cream to recover it, which is beyond my power of comprehension because a mask should upgrade your skin, not damage it. There are almost three hours since I applied this mask and the effect is still noticeable, the skin is soft and feels calm and moist.

-          Smells nice and if the face is wet, it is easy to apply it;
-          It is even easier to remove it;
-          Leaves your face moist and soft.

-          Do not wait until it dries like it says on the package because well, it does not.


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