Avon Advance Techniques Treatment Mask with Moroccan Argan Oil

Over the years I tried many hair products from Avon and the thing I can say for the certain is that even though you don’t see an effect suddenly, they tend to work if you stick to them. My hair grew over the past year and I’m eager to find something that can take care of it properly. There are out there cheap alternatives to everything, but when it comes to hair, I strongly suggest you don’t make a budget. Your hair is worth investing.

The treatment mask I purchased from Avon is supposed to make your hair glow with the help of pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E and, of course the argan oil which became more than a trend among hair products because of its useful proprieties. When you are in an emergency situation, you can easily put together two types of oil, it could be coconut oil, olive oil or castor oil and make a great mask. There was a time I had great hair because I was using a mask like that. The only disadvantage is that you have to apply it at least two times a week and leave it to settle in your hair for two hours. So I gave into temptation of modern products which promise fast repairing.

There are mask out there which don’t require rinsing that much, which mark their effect on the hair rapidly, but this one is not one of them. You need to rinse after applying it for 5 minutes. Now let’s talk about the time for applying any hair mask. Normally, for a face mask, it takes 20 minutes to have its effect, how can a hair mask do its thing in only 5 minutes and after is rinsed thoroughly? The thing is it depends on the formula. This product in particularly leaves your hair beautifully nourished as it says.

It didn’t make my hair shinier, but it made my hair healthier. The substance smells nice, gives you that winter warmth feeling even though it’s not a winter edition at all. The 150 ml package will last you, but it surely depends on your hair length.

This product is silently acting so don’t panic if you don’t see a consequence of using it right away. It took a while for me too to see its effects. Another suggestion for using it is that you apply it equally on all your hair. Personally, I don’t apply that much product on the roots because it tends to thicken my hair; instead I put a good quantity on the ends, where the most damage is. Guess even application depends on the type of hair.

-          Leaves your hair soft and nourished;
-          It is very affordable;
-          Smells really nice.

-          Can make your hair greasy if you keep it too long on your hair;
-          It takes rather long to rinse it off.


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